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Generally, arrested individuals have no other choice but to choose the option of Las Vegas bail bonds. Some people think they can get out of the jail without the professional help of a bail bondsman; however, legal experts warn against underestimating the importance of a bail bonds company. Family members and friends have to move fast to secure the arrested person’s release from the jail. For most people, the arrest of a loved one is disturbing news and it makes them depressed and distressed. In such a mental condition, it is difficult to take the right decision. This makes it necessary to immediately seek the assistance of a professional bail bond agent in Las Vegas.

What Are Las Vegas Bail Bonds?

Las Vegas Bail BondsWhen a person is arrested for a crime then it is not necessary that the crime was committed by the same person. However, the police arrests an individual based on the initial investigation and circumstantial evidence. It is possible that at the end of the case, the arrested individual is exonerated from the charges of that crime. Investigators need time to investigate the crime and the court also takes time to resume the case hearing. In the meantime, the arrested person has to remain behind bars. However, there is a legal solution that allows defendants to come out of the jail, and it is known as Las Vegas bail bonds.

When an arrested individual is produced before the court then the judge takes into account the type of crime and the severity of the crime. If the nature of the crime is within the ambit of Las Vegas bail bonds then the judge orders the release of the defendant, provided the arrested person pays the bail bond amount. This amount is set by the judge after taking into account the nature of the crime, applicable laws and the financial standing of the defendant.

How Do Bail Bonds in Las Vegas Work?

The process of Las Vegas bail bonds start from the time the police arrest the accused person. The arrested individual is produced before the judge. If it is not a very serious crime and the defendant is not a flight risk then the judge sets a bail amount. The arrested person can post this bail and get out of the jail for the time being until the next court hearing resumes.

While it seems an easy and simple process, the problem is that the bail amount is usually very high. It is difficult for the family members and friends to arrange so much money at such a short notice. It is here that the services of a bail bond agent are needed and prove valuable. A bail bondsman pays the bail amount on behalf of the defendant. For providing this service, the bondsman charges a fee which is about 15% of the total bail amount. The bond amount is set at a very high level so that the defendant has an incentive to return to the court on the scheduled date.

How Long Does Bail Bond Process Take?

A defendant who is unable to pay the bail amount in cash has to put up a collateral or security. Once the payment plan is clear, the bail bondsman immediately initiates the bail bond process. The required legal documents are filled and submitted immediately to the jail authorities. The bondsman pays the bond amount immediately and follows all the legal process diligently. The jail authorities check and process the papers. If everything is in order then the arrested person is released within hours. Generally, if the paperwork is in order then the defendant is released within 8 hours. However, sometimes it can take almost 48 hours.

It is important to deal with a well established bail bond company. The bondsman must have the required registration, licensing and industry specific insurance coverage. It is important to note that while a bondsman provides a legal service, the service is not the same legal service provided by an attorney. A bail bondsman provides a useful service to arrested individuals who are unable to pay their own bail on time. It is important for the defendant to appear on the scheduled court date otherwise the bail amount is forfeited and the bondsman gets the authorization to track down the absconding defendant. This creates new legal problems for the defendant. The Las Vegas bail bonds are a great way to get out of jail within hours of arrest.